I, Red Lion, am a burning fire, a free spirit and a visionary. From a young age I’ve always had dreams of travelling the world. No idea where I wanted to go but just knew that I wanted to go there. In 2011 I joined the Exchange program at university and spent a semester at UWI in Jamaica. This event was the ignition source to my fire that inspired a few trips to other Caribbean islands while I bided my time planning for the wider world.

In the summer of 2014, I left Barbados to begin my journey exploring the world. Since then, I’ve encountered bears, mountain lions, snakes and hyenas. Climbed the 3rd tallest mountain in Africa. Slept out under the stars, bathed in rivers, lived outdoors. Experienced what it’s like to dance completely free. Kayaked past sea lions. Stood in the footsteps of wild elephants and lions. Walked for 10 days guided by a compass and no maps. Cried like a naked baby.. laughed like a fat, happy Buddha. Kissed the sky.

And now I invite you into this journey I’m on. Through stories, pictures and videos, see what I’ve been up to this past year, what I’m currently doing and different thoughts that have occurred throughout my travels. Be happied, saddened, excited, inspired, shocked with me as I share my viewpoint of The Bigger Picture.